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Copyright © 2022 Mirari Press. All rights reserved. Mirari Press.™ The Love Rule.™ Mirror Psychology.™ Mirror Psychotherapy.™ Mirror Experiential Therapy.™ Mirror Social Psychology.™ Written and performed as Cerys Love PsyD™ by Sherese Chrétien PsyD, CPPC, CPSP for Eliyora Entertainment, LLC, a division of Paradunai LLC. Ever Entertainment.® All copyrights, trademarks & images property of Paradunai LLC. All personas and concepts created by Sherese Chrétien. 
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The Love Rule - References by Chapter

The Love Rule – Reference by Chapter


Chapter 1 – What if…

Jesus’ Claim

The Holy Bible – King James Version – Matthew 22:37-40

Chapter 2 – Universal…

The Golden Rule

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The Social Imperative

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The Love Rule – References by Chapter


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