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Episode 7: Chapter 6 – Pre-Therapy Assessment


     Your new client has told you why they are seeking your help, but it is also important to complete a brief pre-therapy assessment for at least three reasons: 1) as long as you use evidence-based assessment tools, you are establishing the first step towards a gold standard research foundation for the psychotherapy you perform with your client, which helps not only your psychotherapist colleagues constantly improve, but establishes client improvement, which is what ultimately matters; 2) pre-therapy assessment may deepen your understanding of the client’s baseline situation, possibly uncovering more than the client already shared, which helps you do your job more effectively; and 3) the tools recommended for use in Mirror Experiential Therapy are actually designed to provide you with an inventory of the existing bio-psycho-social-spiritual resource capital clients already have in their lives that they can tap into and that you can build upon….






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