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Episode 7: Chapter 6 – We


The final step and type of love in Jesus’ claim is to love your neighbor. This step comes after loving yourself because you first must know how to love yourself with the humbling all-encompassing love reflected in the first step in moments of awe before you can love your neighbor as you love yourself. How you love yourself provides the mirror for how to love your neighbor – and this, as with the rest of Jesus’ succinct claim, is an important distinction. The kindness Petersen and Seligman (2004) found to be universal is relatively easy to achieve. This kindness is contained in the empathy, cooperation and reciprocity required to survive as human beings – and in the universal versions of Jesus’ claim (Henrich & Muthukrishna, 2021; Perc et al., 2017; VanCleave, 2016). But to love your neighbor as you love yourself elevates your responsibility to a whole different level, a much higher plane….









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